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Android News

I am genuinely grateful for all the feedback I have received. Thank you!

If you see something that could be improved, please reach out

via e-mail, Reddit Community or Twitter πŸ‘

Version 2.14 πŸš€Β 

Markdown: Single Source of Truth


Finally, your Obsidian / Logseq vault (or any folder) can act as a single source of truth.

NeuraCache will update/create and delete cards to match the folder that is selected via β€œSelect Folder to Observe” πŸ‘ŒΒ 

That's it!

❀️ 🧠


Version 2.13 πŸš€

Redesigned Hero element 🟣


We wanted to standardize the design language of the memory state β€”Β simple, coherent across the whole app and reflect what it is β€” it's alive. Here is the result 😎  🟣

Pull down to refresh


This feature should have been there a long time ago πŸ˜… Instead of searching for a sync button on the sources page β€” pull down the list ⬇️ β€” this will initiate sync on all your connected integrations.

Remember that the sync happens automatically in the background every couple of hours πŸ‘ β€” so no need to overuse it πŸ˜‡

Sound effects during the review πŸ”Š

There are different sounds for green/red answers πŸ”΄Β  🟒  πŸ”Š β€”Β optionally, you can disable sounds in settings.


  • Customizable #flashcard & #spaced tags 🏷
  • You no longer need to rely on pre-defined #flashcard & #spaced tags β€” make them your own πŸ‘Œ

  • Tag Groups 🏷
  • Example:

    #tags #cats #animal #nature
    max speed of a cat :: 30 mph #flashcard 
    is cat a tiger? :: genetically 95.6% #flashcard

    you can learn more here

  • Observe Local Folder
  • Choose a local folder and NeuraCache will sync its contents every couple of hours or on pull-down to refresh ⬇️

  • Obsidian image link support with sizes
  • You could use images with Obsidian already, but you would need to turn off the Wikilinks setting or change them manually πŸ˜”

    To remove this friction, we now fully support both types of links πŸ™ŒΒ Β πŸ˜

    ![[my image.png]] - typical Obsidian image link

    ![](my image.png) - typical Markdown image link

  • Customise One-Liner Separator
  • You can now choose between : or ::

  • Ignore Emoji Flashcards switch
  • When enabled, emoji cards will be ignored β€” this is useful if you are already using emojis for something different.


You can now use Evernote Highlights / 2-column / 1-column tables simultaneously in a single note. Each element of the note will be extracted to an individual card. You can use "Ignore .. " switches to control what gets recognized πŸ‘

We’ve also added β€œIgnore Regular Notes” and β€œIgnore 1-Column Cards” switches πŸ‘

Also we’ve improved the way NeuraCache detects cards and retains progress.

That's it!

❀️ 🧠


Version 2.12 πŸš€

Today's Queue Daily Limit

Too many cards to review in the queue? This feature will help. You can cap the number of cards in the queue to any number you like.

If you reach that number, optionally, you can still review more cards if you have the time, and some cards need reviewing.

Version 2.11 πŸš€

Markdown One-Line and Micro Card Support

There are two new ways to add a flashcard in your markdown files. Previously only "Regular Flashcards" were possible.

One-Line Cards simplify the creation of atomic cards by compacting them into a one-line.

Micro Cards allow you to substitute the #flashcard tag with ⚑️ emoji (also 🧠 is supported).

Both new types use the following format <question> : <answer> #tags.

A full specification with examples is available here:

Version 2.10 πŸš€

OneNote Drawings Support

There were many requests for this feature. Although it still has some limitations (you cannot place drawings inside of free-flowing blocks), it is now up to OneNote Team :) to add support for this.

Refreshed Note View

Now the button interface is also applied to the regular note view.


Version 2.9 πŸš€

Latex Support

Latex support is finally here β€” works beautifully with Roam Research and various Markdown editors like Obsidian, Typora, etc. Have a look at this video for a sneak peek πŸ‘€

Bug fixes and improvements

This version is packed with bug fixes and improvements. πŸ“¦ One of the most notable is that the main notification now works for other users than Evernote πŸ˜… Truly apologize for this and super thankful for your feedback. With lots of speed improvements and memory leaks, our investment in re-architecting the app pays its dividends.

β™₯️🧠 Marcin

Version 2.8 πŸš€

Roam Research: "Delete Missing Cards" switch

As we are waiting for the Roam Research API, this small feature allows mimicking Roam graph sync via the current import process.

Currently, when you export from Roam Research and import to the NeuraCache app, NeuraCache performs two operations:

  1. find and add new blocks
  2. find and update existing blocks and their children

Therefore, deleting a flashcard/spaced block in the Roam Research graph will not be reflected in the NeuraCache app when importing. You will need to delete the card manually inside NeuraCache.

The reason for this is that NeuraCache does not know if you are importing the whole graph via "Export All" or just a page with "Export".

If you are using the "Export All" in Roam, you can enable the new "Delete Missing Cards" switch in NeuraCache. When enabled, NeuraCache will remove cards that exist in NeuraCache, but were not found in the imported file.


This will result in sync-like behavior: creating/updating/deleting blocks.

β™₯️🧠 Marcin

Version 2.7 πŸš€

Markdown: Support for images in folder import

Previously, when importing via "Import Markdown Folder", only images that were in the same folder as the .md file or relative to this folder were recognized.

Now you can point NeuraCache to any folder, and it will traverse it to match your images correctly.

This is especially important for tools like Obsidian that specify a separate resource folder.



Other: Developer logs

At the very bottom of the sources list is a new feature -> "Show Developer Logs". This feature allows you to quickly check if there are any errors within the app setup/sync. You can also send logs along with a message to us for debugging. As we move forward, this feature will get better and better in resolving the most common issues.


Most notable Bug-fixes

  • Tapping on the twitter icon during the review takes you to the tweet.
  • When you unselect Folders/Tags (Evernote/OneNote), this change is reflected in the app instantly.

Version 2.6 πŸš€

Roam Research: new #flashcard-list #spaced-list tags πŸ‘Œ

This works very similarly to #flashcard and #spaced tag for batch import. The only difference is that you can have some text alongside your #spaced-list or #flashcard-list tags. Both approaches from the image give the same result.


Roam Research: Support forΒ {{[[embed]]: ((block))}}Β πŸ‘Œ

Previously only

{{embed: ((block))}}

was supported, which is not a default format you will get after using / key.

Roam Research (Experiment): Readwise Export Detection πŸ‘Œ

Now that you can export all your Readwise Kindle highlights to Roam Research, you have a switch to import all your highlights to NeuraCache. In Roam Research "Export All" then in NeuraCache enable new switch "Detect Readwise Export" and import. All your kindle highlights will should show up organized by the book. Make sure you've included "Location" and added "Full Title: title" in your template when exporting.

Older Updates πŸš€

We look forward to the future 😎

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