Team & Values

🙌 Team


Hey I'm Marcin 👋 @marcin_czech

My expertise and passion is in

Compounding Knowledge | Long-term Memory

Mobile devices can make a significant impact on our lives because of their ability to control our attention. This is my canvas.

I've received hundreds of emails with insights, encouragement, and bug reports 🙃

I no longer feel that I am developing the solution on my own 🙌

That is why I use "We" (the Team) — the Community behind NeuraCache ❤️

❤️ Values

  • Simplicity
    • Tools are far more effective if they are simple on the surface.
  • Passion Driven Development
    • We deeply care about the challenge we are solving. You can count on long-term support and innovation.
  • Provide Real Value
    • No Ads NeuraCache is 100% Ads free. We are laser-focused on providing real value through genuine incentives — your support.
    • Give Value Before You Ask for Value
    • Our main use-case (Today's Queue) is in the free tier. Only when you see value in what we build you can choose to support us through our Premium Plan

  • Privacy
    • 100% Offline
    • No Signup We don't want you to have an account. It's unnecessary.
    • You own the data Notes are stored on your device only. You can clear them from settings anytime.
    • No Unnecessary Tracking We gather a minimal amount of anonymous analytics to debug crashes and see which features make sense in the real world.

Why NeuraCache?